> xNET Staff Ethos


Attitude & Behaviour 

All staff members are expected to present themselves appropriately and, in a calm, friendly manner across the community. Staff are reminded that they should remain respectful and patient with users, regardless of the situations at hand. 


Recent Punishments 

We expect staff to take recent punishments from up to the past 2 weeks into account when deciding upon punishments. This is to ensure that users are given a fair chance to change. 


Verbal Warnings 

It is strongly recommended that staff use verbal warnings before proper punishments in order to give all users a chance to follow the rules appropriately and the chance to make some mistakes. 



Users may not be issued with punishments for rules which do not already exist, unless in an extreme case where the user is harming the server. In such cases, the staff member must be able to explain to the Lead Team why they deemed it to be an extreme case and the given punishment to be necessary. 



We remind staff that situations are case-by-case, and the staff ethos should only be used as a guideline on how to reach a decision of a punishment. Staff must not be giving punishments that are overly severe (for example, permanent bans for disrespect), however the ethos does not exist to prevent users from being punished fairly.